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A shop with a mission… Give MORE. That’s it. The goal is to make a positive impact, it is that simple. We strive to bring you quality meaningful products while creating an inspiring and fun shopping experience. We are just getting started, and look forward to doing good things together.  We believe together we are better, together we can do anything, and we are looking forward to doing this together, with you.


Got an email address? Sign up and join our mailing list, it would mean a lot to us.  Stay up to date with new product offerings, deals, giveaways, and who knows what else. We promise we do not sell your contact information and we will not send you spam. That is not our style.


Got feedback? Bring it on. We see you as our partner and that means you matter.


Got ideas? We are all ears! Whether you are reaching out to tell us how to improve our products, how to better layout our shop, or how we can improve something else, we are open to your suggestions. Don’t hold back, we can take the truth.


Got a product you want to sell in our shop? Reach out to us. Our products come from a variety of sources. Some we create ourselves, those would be our private label brands….we also love creatives who have something special to sell. For you, we actually offer a sell on consignment option. We don’t get paid unless you do.


Got social media? Of course, we are on Instagram and Facebook and we would love for you to follow us, like and share content you enjoy. And for those who do (follow, like, share) watch out, watch out we will be watching and reaching out with cool stuff to say THANK YOU for your support. Like we said, we are in this together and your support matters. You matter. 


Got questions? What do you want to know? We will gladly answer any question you ask.




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