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A gift from Audrey More is an experience she will treasure. Our customers have told us that we have created an experience, an experience that makes you feel as though you have received something truly special. As you pull the satin ribbon for yourself and uncover the layers of encouragement and beauty found within the classic white box, we assure you will find that it is more than just a fleeting feeling. A gift from Audrey More is truly special in every way. 

Let’s talk for a moment about the components that make a gift of Audrey More jewelry oh-so special...

It starts with the quality materials. Our silver is .925 Sterling Silver, the same quality of sterling silver used for Tiffany’s sterling jewelry. Our gold is either Solid Gold, 14/20 Gold Fill, or Gold Plated Sterling Silver. Our 14/20 Gold Fill and Gold Plated Sterling Silver are considered top of the line alternatives to Solid Gold. We found it important to carry both solid gold and these high quality alternatives (always clearly marked so that every purchase is an informed one) in order to provide our customers with the options they desire. If you think we obsessed over our precious metals, rest assured that we pay just as much attention to our crystal and gem stone selection - so much so, that there isn't room to discuss it here, but you can expect to see entire future blog posts dedicated to this sparkling element we all love so much. Quality, integral to the "Be More" portion of our mission statement, is incredibly important to us in every aspect of the business. 

Sentiment is the next layer of the Audrey More experience. With each Audrey More product, a sentiment card can be selected and packaged in the box with your jewelry. Our sentiment cards are wonderfully written, with options to capture just the right emotion. The best part is that the keepsake quality card of your choice is paired with the jewelry piece you have selected, to make Audrey More jewelry gifts even more meaningful to the recipient.

Last but not least, the packaging of our products has been carefully tailored to capture her attention and create a lasting memory. The minute she receives our crisp white box tied with the signature pink satin bow, the experience begins. From the packaging, to the sentiment, and of course the beautiful quality product hidden within, a gift from Audrey More is definitely MORE.

To take it a step further, you can take pride in knowing that you’ve done a good deed when purchasing a gift from Audrey More. A portion of all proceeds will be used to support a worthy cause - either the current cause showcased on the website, or a specific fundraiser you may have ordered from.

Give her a gift that is MORE, Audrey More.




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