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Meant to Last - Part 1

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Jewelry is fun! We all love costume jewelry, the price is great, we can go with the trends and hey, who cares how long it lasts. Some costume jewelry lasts forever and some doesn't. These days it is hard to tell what is costume jewelry and what isn't, especially with the rise of internet shopping.

At Audrey More, we specialize in jewelry with meaning, and given we want each of our products to have a meaning that lasts, we want our jewelry to last. That is why at Audrey More we are very selective on the materials we chose and if you ever have an issue with quality we encourage you to contact us. 

Today we will discus our silver and gold options. In later parts to this blog series we will discus our gems.

Our silver is always .925 Sterling Silver. This is the same sterling silver used in fine jewelry stores. 

Gold is more complicated. We want to offer our customers gold options that will last, thus we prefer to use gold fill, vermeil, or gold dipped s.925 terling silver.

Gold filled jewelry is required to have a certain percentage of gold, typically over brass, Gold filled jewelry has hundreds of times more gold than gold plated jewelry, sometimes called gold dipped. Gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of gold on the outside and is intended to last a lifetime.

If we can not find a gold fill option, we will sometimes use gold dipped .925 sterling silver. Gold dipped sterling silver which meets certain criteria such as gold thickness on item may be called vermeil. Vermeil is actually considered a luxury product and has been around for centuries (yes you read correctly - centuries). There is actually a room in the White House called the Vermeil Room, which is aodrned with vermeil China. Vermeil has been used for centuries due to it's light weight, high quality, and lower cost than gold. 

On our gold dipped sterling silver you will see .925 sterling silver listed in the materials section. You should also see this on other sites for similar products. If you see the term gold dipped or gold plated and it does not note the underlying product is .925 sterling silver than it is most likely brass. Over time gold plated jewelry may flake or fade. When brass is revealed the jewelry is typically no longer in wearable condition.





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