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These days the internet has empowered more and more people to take their livelihood into their own hands. It’s amazing! There are an incredible number of threads buy in groups (a way to buy a share of a bulk purchase, just in case you are not familiar with the term). You can find an online store or multi-level marketing (MLM) brand for pretty much any product you can imagine. Whether you want something unique or you want something quality, you no longer have to go searching through multiple brick and mortar stores to find exactly what you're after. Although, I must admit that I do still love to go into the stores - there is just nothing quite like touching and feeling a product before you commit to a purchase. However, I don’t know about you, but I stay swamped and the internet has saved me on many occasions when I couldn't find time to shop.

Another thing I love about the internet is that it gives us all equal access to fabulous products. I don’t have to live in Tennessee to buy Beautycounter from Jeanne. And my friends in Chicago, Michigan, and New York all have the same access as I do to Grace Extended, my local friend's faith based art store on Etsy.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about all the women I know who work, in and out of the home, that are juggling their family schedules and all the things that must be done, yet still find time to strive to build a business. There are so many new products that I want to try, and so many of the things these ladies are doing that I just LOVE! 

So this week, I am going to pay tribute to the ladies I know who have gotten out of their comfort zone and have started a business. I admire these ladies for their drive and for being brave enough to get out there. Trust me, I know what a challenge it can be.

Below is a list of links to the businesses being built by some of these motivated ladies I know. Do you know someone inspiring that is building their own business? Are YOU putting in the work it takes to build a business? If so, please share a little about it in the comments.


Check out what it is that impresses me about each of these ladies and their businesses here:

  1. Beautycounter (Jeanne Y.)

Jeanne is an awesome lady! This woman is just pure sunshine. She is the kind of person who makes you smile just by being in the same room. She is always very uplifting and positive and from what I have seen- she is a go getter. Her children are lucky to have her as a role model. This woman works full time, has two children and still  finds time to diligently promote Beautycounter. What that tells me is that she really believes in these products. And I have to say, I have been dying to try them!! They are on my wish list (as soon as hubby loosens the purse strings a bit, hehe!) Did I mention they have safe beauty products for the entire family?

  1. Usborne Books (Leanne F.)

Another lady who makes me smile! Also a mother of two, this woman has a full-time job I truly admire. She is a NICU nurse and I have seen her in action - full of energy and very kind. She was one of the many nurses who was there when my sweet girl was born at 25 weeks. And now, in addition to working full time and taking care of two young children, she is also finding time for Usborne Books.

  1. Grace Extended (Eden L.)

Eden is a mother of one teenage daughter and has spent her life working full time and being a shining example of what it means to walk in faith. I have a great deal of admiration for this lady, she is such a kind soul and such a giver. She is really one of those rare special people I feel blessed to know. Recently she started Grace Extended and I know this was a big step for her. It is a big deal for her to step out of her shell and share her work with the world.

  1. It Works Global (Amberly B.)

So this lovely lady is a mother of three gorgeous girls and one puppy, works as a nurse AND as an It Works Global Consultant! Seriously? I’m not sure how she does it, the It Works products MUST work for her to have all that needed energy. All I know is, however she does it, she is impressive. What I especially admire is that promoting It Works is requiring Amberly to step out of her comfort zone and I love it when people do brave things and challenge themselves.

  1. Juniper Lily (Alecia H.)

This lady's monogramming business is fabulous! Not only does she do an excellent job with her monograms, she also MAKES all the dresses she sells. She does a lot of craft shows and I honestly don’t know how she does it. I can tell you from personal experience, craft shows are hard work! I don’t know how she does it, especially while trying to keep up with two young boys. I love the fact that this woman brought Juniper Lily from dream to reality and has made it very successful, by working hard and creating a quality product.


Whether offering a custom made product, quality multi-level marketing merchandise, or something else entirely - all these businesses are the modern equivalent of a small mom and pop shop. And that is something I believe is truly important - I love knowing that when I support a small business I’m supporting individuals trying to make a difference for their families. Our purchases from these small businesses DO make a difference.

Together we can DO More to support our friends who are striving to BE More!

Much love,


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